Shaolin Yong Chun Kung Fu Berlin


We have inherited the student-screening process from our ancestors, 

and we carry on the tradition"

Sifu Yuen

There are many traditions, but the four major and most regarded reside within ethical conduct. These include:

Loyalty (pronounced as Chung in Cantonese):

One should be loyal to himself/herself and loyal to what one believes in,

Loyal to his/her parents, family and friends. Never speak ill of them behind their backs,

Loyal to his/her country.


Righteousness (pronounced as Yee in Cantonese):

Among family, help as much as it is needed without expecting anything in return,

Among friends, within reason, help as much as needed without expecting anything in return,

In the community and country, offer help for a good cause.


Benevolence (pronounced as Yun in Cantonese):

Be kind to those around you. This includes brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, friends and all others young and old. 

Be kind to animals and insects alike. They all have a life. We should be kind to all lives in this world.

Benevolence also means to help the disadvantaged and less fortunate. They need our kindness to take care of them, speak for them, and provide for them.

Trustworthiness (pronounced as Shun in Cantonese):

This is very important! Trust is earned. Always tell the truth. Never lie, even if the truth hurts. Think twice before you promise anything, and make sure you keep your promise.